• spank that monkey \'spank-(')that-'mən-kē\ verb : to observe and discuss stupidity in an effort to better understand and find a solution to the problem that is stupidity. verb : what many visitors hope to do* when visiting a web site containing the word "spank" in its title.

      I have a dream. I have a dream that, someday, the Human Race will be rid of its stupidity and finally come together in peaceful unity to work together for the betterment of the entire Human Race, rather than for just a select few. I dream of a world where a white guy, a black guy, a Jew and a Muslim can all walk into a bar without it being a joke. I want to be able to watch the news and not see people taking advantage of one another, not killing each other and not hating and fearing one another. Yes, world peace is my goal, well, that or the total annihilation of Human kind before they get a chance to spread their stupidity any further. World peace would be pretty nifty, though.

      Humanity has a monkey on its back. That monkey is Stupidity. It is time for us to spank this monkey into submission and learn to live our lives free from its influence!


* Note: There is no pornography here. Sorry, you'll have to take your depravity somewhere else.
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